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Residential & Commercial Design/BuildRobert A. Johnson Construction, LC
5600 NE 60th Ave
High Springs, FL 32643
Phone: (386) 454-9613, (386) 454-3234,
(352) 538-0335
Fax: (386) 454-1796

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“Johnson Construction builds a quality, energy efficient home with the customers’ needs and desires as their highest priority before, during, and after construction. They also recommend energy saving products to result in lower utility bills and maintenance costs. North Central Florida Air Conditioning, Inc., as a subcontractor for Johnson Construction, has to meet high standards in all aspects of our scope of work. However, keeping their higher standards as a matter of practice, they are easy to work with and stand behind their homes. They will answer all questions and/or concerns promptly. In fact, a mutual customer of ours has confided in me that Johnson Construction is the best builder they have ever worked with. This comment was made to me after the completion of her third house built with Johnson Construction. We have supreme confidence in Johnson Construction and would recommend them to help anyone create the home of their dreams.”
Chuck and Linda Fischer
North Central Florida A/C, Inc.
“Fifteen years ago we decided it was time to build our first home. We had heard all of the horror stories of this process and that we could trust ‘NOBODY’ in the building business. We found Bob Johnson via our pest control man. He stated, ‘I spray houses all over this area, and if you want someone who cares about building you a good home, you call Johnson Construction.’ Since that time we have built three homes all by Johnson Construction. If we build three more homes, they will be by Johnson Construction. Erin Johnson is the heir apparent to this business and is more than capable of following through on the future success of this company. They become family, and when your home is finished, it is bittersweet because you really don’t want them to go away. However, your home is exactly what you had always wanted. These people are special!!!”
The Dr. Gray family
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